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My cosplay for prototype

2009-10-10 04:39:37 by RottingDead

Is Alex Mercer hands down, i just need to tweak some stuff to get a similar apearance.....

My cosplay for prototype

The novel

2009-10-08 18:17:09 by RottingDead

God im still waiting for dommi's novel to come out, Its getting to be a bit stressfull.


2009-10-07 08:44:43 by RottingDead

I have started reposting stuff, Hope people like it!

Crank High Voltage

2009-09-09 20:57:45 by RottingDead

Best movie i've seen all year! 10000/10000 5/5

My new pic...

2009-09-04 18:24:30 by RottingDead

Yes the guy in the pic is me, except for the mask. what did you really think i was going to show you what i look like, you pedo's!

I feel succesful....

2009-08-28 17:27:00 by RottingDead

He made me first on the list.... oh my god? is this the benifit of freinds?....
i bragged to my mom that a guy can have freinds on the interenet! D<


2009-08-09 21:20:11 by RottingDead

Anyone gone back to school yet?


Chicago's finest

2009-08-07 23:32:45 by RottingDead

Check'em out on youtube if you like heavy, heavy metal


2009-08-05 17:57:05 by RottingDead

I already dont like it.... who agrees?


2009-08-04 02:55:12 by RottingDead

To bed, need me just comment and ill get back to you asap! ;D