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Entry #32

My cosplay for prototype

2009-10-10 04:39:37 by RottingDead

Is Alex Mercer hands down, i just need to tweak some stuff to get a similar apearance.....

My cosplay for prototype


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2009-10-11 10:10:17

Looks pretty good so far. Though... Alex Mercer himself isn't too hard to do.

Be happy its October and getting cold, cause wearing his outfit elsewhere would be fucking hot. You'd sweat your balls off.

RottingDead responds:

Hahaha i know But you cant beat alex mercer he's the shit!


2009-10-11 22:01:27

He is pretty awesome.

What's amusing is that you can dress up as anyone and say you're Alex Mercer :P

Just a joke, cause it does look good.

RottingDead responds:

hmmm.. a good reason....